Holding Pet Owners Accountable For Animal Attack Injuries

Most people in northern Illinois have owned a dog or have lived near a dog owner. Dogs and other pets can be faithful members of the family. However, most dogs are territorial animals. A pet that has suffered abuse or neglect at home can strike out at others without warning. Family pets frequently react aggressively when others approach for self-protection or to protect their home and owners. Most animal bite injuries involve dogs; however, cats, ferrets, birds and a variety of other household pets have been known to seriously injure humans in an attack.

Fabiano Law Offices has been a strong part of the community in Rockford, Illinois, since 1954. Our local attorneys aggressively advocate for individuals who have suffered personal injury in an animal attack. Illinois law provides strong protection for dog bite victims to recover compensation from negligent pet owners whose dogs or other animals inflict injuries.

Maximizing Compensation For Animal Attack Victims

People of any age can be the victim of an animal attack; however, children and the elderly are unfortunately the most vulnerable. If you or a loved one has been bitten in an unprovoked attack, you have rights. You may be entitled to recover compensation for past and future medical bills, rehabilitation, lost income, pain and suffering and other potential damages. Do not let the insurance company short change you. Talk with our client-centered lawyers before discussing your injuries with anyone else.

The strength and nature of a dog's jaws can inflict serious personal injury in any dog attack. When the animal does not stop with the first bite, direct injuries during an attack can become fatal. Many survivors suffer deep emotional suffering and severe personal injuries, including disfigurement, broken bones, crushing injuries, torn flesh and scarring. The trauma imposed during the attack is not the only source of potential injury. Infections, rabies and other complications can increase medical costs and harm to humans during the recovery period.

Rely On Our Experience For Quality Injury Representation

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