Success Stories

$2,500,000 recovered against a hotel corporation for the wrongful death of a 19-year-old male.

$1.6 million for patrons who were injured from a water park slide.

$1,500,000 recovered in a products liability lawsuit against the manufacturer and distributor of a climbing tree stand used to hunt deer. Plaintiff proved that the tree stand was defective because the design of the product did not include a safety pin. This pin would have prevented the tree stand from being dislodged from the tree while the hunter was elevated in a tree. As a result of the defective product, a 29-year-old female suffered a below the knee amputation when the stand she was using became dislodged and she fell to the ground causing her injuries.

This is the highest recorded product liability settlement in Ogle County history.

$950,000 for a local attorney who was hurt an an automobile crash.

$870,000 for two women injured in an automobile crash.

$625,000 for the wrongful death of a 46-year-old woman as the result of a conspiracy by a business to enable an unqualified driver to acquire a car, who subsequently caused a crash resulting in the death of the woman.

$520,000 for a jogger who was struck by a vehicle that was being operated by a drunk driver. The jogger suffered a severe fracture and dislocation of his ankle.

$500,000 for a woman who suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage and an injury to the ligament of her right thumb in automobile crash with a semi-tractor trailer.

$450,000 for the wrongful death of a 68-year-old female who was run over by a truck in a parking lot. The deceased's heirs were her husband (who passed away one month after the crash from a long illness) and an adult son of 43 years of age.

$400,000 for a man suffering a head injury at the YMCA.

$315,000 for a 39 year old man injured by a drunk driver.

$270,000 for the family of a victim killed in a tavern.

$250,000 for a 21 year old woman injured when defendant turned left in front of her car

$225,000 for a 7 year old boy mauled by two German Shepherds

$210,000 against the Rockford Housing Authority for failing to adequately repair a tenant's closet door that eventually fell on the tenant causing her to fracture her pelvis.

$210,000 for a 71 year old woman injured by city vehicle driver

$150,000 for a woman who developed fibromyalgia from an automobile accident.

$150,000 for a woman injured in a grocery store when she fell over a ramp in the stock room that was concealed by inventory boxes.