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Can road rash leave a permanent impact?

Illinois residents have likely heard the term "road rash" before. But what is it? How severe can it be? If you are the victim of a car crash and end up with road rash, will it have a big impact on your life? We will answer these questions and more today. First, road...

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What are mental repercussions of dog bite attacks?

Out of the many dog owners in Illinois, some are likely to have dogs that will bite. Bite attacks are often unpredictable. Many involve dogs that do not have a prior history of biting. This can make it hard to determine if a dog is dangerous to be around. Today we...

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What is human rabies immune globulin?

A bite from an unvaccinated dog, cat or another type of animal in Illinois typically requires you to receive anti-rabies prophylaxis, i.e., injectable medications to protect you from contracting the disease. Rabies takes a relatively long time to incubate in the body,...

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