Now that summer is here, many Rockford motorists are spending more time on the roads. People are also staying up later and getting less sleep at night. Many of those drivers are drowsy and more likely to crash their vehicles into others. Drowsy driving is a major safety issue and the cause of thousands of car accidents each year. The reality is that driving while sleepy causes people make more driving errors than usual, and these mistakes can prove fatal.

Here is a brief overview of how motorists can tell when they are driving near sleepy drivers.

Disregard for traffic signs and signals

Sleepy drivers are not alert and able to focus their attention on the roads like motorists who are more awake. Tiredness can cause a driver not to see traffic signs and signals that require them to stop, slow down or take detours. All of this increases the chance of a collision with another vehicle or a pedestrian.

Weaving in and out of lanes

Many tired drivers cannot keep their vehicles from weaving from side to side. Again, drowsy drivers’ lack of attention and their inability to drive their cars normally increase the chances of straying too close to other vehicles and crashing into them.

Nodding off

Some tired drivers nod off when they stop their cars at intersections, stop signs and traffic lights, only to jerk awake when other motorists honk at them.

The signs of drowsy driving are not unlike the signs of drunk driving, and both kinds of driver impairment are forms of negligence.

There are many reasons why people drive while sleepy. Whether their fatigue is the result of their work schedules, medical conditions, intoxication or long commutes, it is a major issue that can affect their own safety and the safety of others on the road. Anyone who is involved in car accident with a sleepy motorist should speak to a personal injury attorney about obtaining full and fair compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other costs resulting from the crash.

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