Many people often worry about loose dogs and dog bites, but there is just as much concern about cats. With feral cats being a concern in many Illinois neighborhoods, it is important that you understand what to do if you are bitten by a cat. This information is even helpful if your own cat or a cat whose owner you know bites you.

The Pet Poison Helpline explains that cat bites are very serious. While a cat may not be able to cause as much damage to your skin, muscles and bones as a dog bite can, that does not mean a cat bite is something to brush off. That is because a cat bite contains a very harmful bacteria that you do not find in other animal bites or that is worse in cat bites due to the way a cat’s teeth puncture the skin.

This bacterium is driven deep into your skin tissue. This means that even if you carefully wash and clean the bite, the bacterium remains because it is almost impossible to remove with surface cleaning. Once that bacteria grows, it spreads very fast. This easily leads to complications that may require hospitalization and even amputation.

In addition to worrying about the possible bacterial infections, you still have other worries that you might have with any other animal, such as rabies. You should always seek medical attention after a cat bite. It is also suggested that you get on antibiotic treatment right away. You should continue care until the bite is healed. You also should watch for complications or signs that your issue is worsening. Getting treatment as soon as possible can help limit the dangers of the bite. This information is for education and is not legal advice.