Every season brings a new set of challenges for Illinois drivers. Now that summer has ended and most kids are back in school, the leaves start to fall, and people prepare for colder weather. As preparation is taken for houses and clothing, there are also some fall driving tips that can help prepare drivers to improve safety on the road. This can be especially important with new drivers, those who obtained their license during the winter, spring or summer and have never driven in the fall.

One new precaution esurance suggests to take is to watch for animals. November is mating and migration season for deer, and they may come down to lower roads to look for food. Animals are hard to spot until they are right in front of the vehicle, so drivers should pay close attention to warning signs and slow down when they are in the dark.

AARP reminds drivers that is gets darker earlier in the fall in most places. The National Safety Council reported that while only 25% of driving is done at night, 50% of deaths from traffic accidents occur during that time. As drivers get older, they need more light to see, so driving can become even more difficult.

Dampness can also be a threat to drivers. It is not just snow and ice that needs to be watched for, but big puddles that can cause tires to hydroplane. The first rain is more dangerous because the puddles form on the dust, grime and oil that are already on the road. Drivers should try to drive in the tracks of the vehicles ahead of them on busy roads and slow down when they can.

To avoid most driving hazards, drivers can slow down, keep their distance from the cars in front of them and always carefully approach traffic lights. Regardless of the season, accidents can still happen because of road conditions.