Are you planning on giving out candy at your home on Halloween? While this can be a fun night for all, homeowners should take extra steps to ensure their property is safe for trick or treaters. Problems on your property can lead to serious injuries depending on the situation, for which you may be considered responsible. To prevent accidents from happening at your home, Consumer Affairs offers the following advice.

Chances are, a few children visiting your home will have food allergies or intolerances of some sort. If you choose allergen-free candy, be sure to read the label closely. Some foods can be free of allergens but still contain trace amounts due to processing, and this information is usually clearly stated on the label. Along with having allergen-free candy on hand, you should also consider other items. Stickers, games, and small toys are great on Halloween and ensure that all kids coming to your home will leave happy.

Before trick or treaters arrive, check out your property for any problem areas. Loose stones in the walkway, a tree stump, and clutter around your yard will all contribute to a child’s falling risk. This is especially true when kids are wearing costumes that include masks or long robes and dresses. Mark out a clear path for kids so you don’t have to worry about any falls on your property.

You can also boost safety by having ample exterior lighting. If your current setup is lacking, consider installing some battery-powered walkway lights, so kids can easily find the front of your home in the dark. Additionally, be careful about decorations with candles. These should be kept far away from any children due to the fire hazard they pose.