The number of staged car accidents in Illinois may be increasing at an exponential rate. These accidents may put your life in danger. In addition, they may jeopardize your insurance policy and increase your car insurance cost.

According to CNBC, investigations in Illinois may have revealed criminal gangs that stage car accidents with the aim of defrauding car insurance companies. Doctors, lawyers, chiropractors and even lawyers may be members of these rings. Some of these coordinated criminal rings may be able to file insurance claims of more than $1 million.

A driver may ask you to merge your car into traffic. As you begin to merge your vehicle, the driver speeds up and creates a collision. If a law enforcement officer shows up, the other driver may deny asking you to merge with the traffic. Thus, you may be liable for crashing into another vehicle. Another version of this scam may involve a driver of another vehicle requesting you to execute a left turn into a parking area or a shopping mall. The other drive may quickly block your way and create a collision.

A car filled with passengers may pull in front of your car. A passenger in the back seat waits for you to be distracted and informs the driver. The driver hits the brakes, causing you to crash into that vehicle. Your insurance company may have to pay for damages and injuries arising from the accident.

You may want to install a camera on your car’s dashboard to help you record any suspicious activity. Also, your first action after a car accident may be to contact the police and record a statement.

This information is for general knowledge purposes and should not be taken as legal advice.