Illinois residents have likely heard the term “road rash” before. But what is it? How severe can it be? If you are the victim of a car crash and end up with road rash, will it have a big impact on your life? We will answer these questions and more today.

First, road rash injuries fall into one of three categories. These are first, second and third degree injuries. First degree injuries are the easiest to handle. Many victims do not even need to see a doctor. Proper disinfection is important. Check on wounds often to prevent festering or infection. If you can provide this at-home first aid yourself, then in most cases you should be fine.

Second degree road rash is more severe. You should see a doctor for this. It can include deep tissue injuries to muscles, nerves and tendons. It often leaves a victim with permanent scarring. Affected nerves can leave the affected area numb or tingling.

Third degree is the most severe level. This requires extensive emergency medical care. The recovery process is often long and difficult. Victims may suffer from long-term disfigurement or scarring. Deep tissue damage is common. Flay injuries can expose the bone below. It can be hard or impossible to recover from nerve damage.

Unfortunately, road rash is one of many injuries a crash accident victim can face. If you wish to continue reading about motor vehicle crashes, take a look at our linked web page. You can expand your understanding on road rash and other injuries that can impact a victim’s life.