Every town has dangerous sections of roads. You may be aware of those spots in your rea, but if you are not, then it never hurts to learn about them to protect yourself in the future. A recent pedestrian accident on a busy roadway has brought some attention to the dangers in the area for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists. 

WIFR reported on the pedestrian/vehicle accident which occurred just after the new year. It happened at a known area for accidents on the 3800 block of 11th Street of Rockford, Illinois, in the early morning hours. Witnesses say this area sees many accidents of all kinds on a regular basis. 

The details 

This accident occurred when two pedestrians were walking along the west side of 11th Street heading north. One of the pedestrians attempted to cross the road. He was hit by a pickup truck. There are no further details about whether the pedestrian was using the crosswalk or if the driver was obeying the posted speed limit. Law enforcement is still investigating, but there are no charges at this time. 

Officials suggest 

Officials recognize this area as being very high in traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian. They recommend pedestrians stay on sidewalks and use crosswalks when trying to cross the street. They also recommend that motorists and pedestrians avoid distractions, such as cell phones when navigating the area. It is also important, they say, for motorists to obey the reduced speed limit of 50 miles per hour. 

This accident unfortunately resulted in the loss of a life. That is something nobody involved wanted to happen. However, knowing that this is a busy area can help you to avoid a similar fate in the future when traveling this section of 11th Street. Keep the advice of officials in mind and stay alert if you are walking or driving in the area at any time of day.