Out of the many dog owners in Illinois, some are likely to have dogs that will bite. Bite attacks are often unpredictable. Many involve dogs that do not have a prior history of biting. This can make it hard to determine if a dog is dangerous to be around. Today we will look at some of the mental effects a bite attack victim may suffer from. 

Many victims of bite attacks do not see the attack coming. In several cases, the dog that attacked them was one they were familiar with. It is common to hear victims state that they have never seen the dog behave aggressively before. The bite was a total surprise to them. Unfortunately, this creates a big fear of dogs in many sufferers. They see dogs as unpredictable animals that will become vicious without provocation. 

This can invoke a lot of anxiety. Some people even develop post traumatic stress disorder. There have even been cases of victims becoming agoraphobic, afraid of running into dogs outside. Needless to say, this kind of mental anguish can interfere greatly in anyone’s life. Sufferers may also experience depression. This can stem from their apprehension toward dogs. It can also come from shame or negative feelings if the attack left them disfigured. Many disfigured victims struggle to re-enter society because of their injuries. 

Living in the aftermath of a dog bite attack can be hard. Learning more about dog bite attacks and their impact can help you adjust. You can follow the link here to our web page on animal attacks to continue your reading.