You may spend a lot of time over your friend’s house, and you may one day severely injure yourself while on her or his property. Even if you have health insurance, it may not be enough to cover the full extent of your injury. Should you ask your friend to cover the cost of your medical care? 

See what has to say about the matter. With the right help and knowledge, you can recover without tarnishing your friendship. 

Personal liability 

If your friend has home insurance, the policy likely includes personal liability. Such coverage takes care of reasonable medical expenses associated with your injury, which may include an ambulance, dental work, prosthetic devices and surgical expenses. 

Personal liability limits  

Bear in mind that there are limits to personal liability coverage. Depending on the extent of your medical, surgical and associated costs, your friend’s policy may not fully cover your recovery. Should this be the case, hopefully, your friend purchased more than the base amount. 

Umbrella policies  

Your friend may have an umbrella policy included with her or his regular homeowners’ policy. Umbrella policies supplement liability coverage, in case a home insurance policy’s liability coverage is not enough to pay for the full extent of your injuries and you have no choice but to file a lawsuit. Hopefully, you and your friend can work things out without having to consider a lawsuit, but you may have no choice but to sue if your friend fails to take responsibility for her or his negligence. 

Premises liability cases can become rather prickly when they involve friends. By having a better idea of how home insurance covers guest injuries, you and your friend have a better chance of sustaining your friendship while taking care or your injuries.