Protecting Your Car Accident Insurance Claim

Whether you braced for impact because you knew your collision with another car was inevitable or you were completely unprepared for the car accident, the resulting emotions that you felt after the crash were probably the same: concern for the safety of passengers in your car, dismay over the condition of your automobile and a sense of vulnerability caused by a close encounter with the other vehicle. In the immediate aftermath of an accident, you may find it difficult to focus on following a specific set of steps to ensure that your car insurance covers your claim; however, what you say and do can affect the payout that you receive from your insurance company. It is an unfortunate reality that car insurance companies will take advantage of your fragile state so they can limit the money you receive.
For decades, our attorneys at Fabiano Law Offices have been defending Illinois clients like you who are fighting to receive the insurance benefits they are entitled to receive. Although you may have dutifully paid your car insurance bills in a timely manner, your insurance provider will not reward your record of payment with a speedy payout of its own.Insurance adjusters are not motivated to approve your claim. This is why you should never give a statement to your insurance company without an attorney’s advice. In order to protect your claim from an insurance company’s rejection, follow these steps:


1. Document all aspects of the accident.

Now is the time to take advantage of the built-in camera in your cellphone. Photos of both cars, road signage and injuries will be necessary to prove your claim.

2. Complete a police report.

Having a police officer at the scene will require you to submit the necessary information for a report. This official documentation will solidify your claim.

3. Seek a doctor’s care.

You may feel that you have survived the accident without injury; however, certain damage may not reveal itself until days have passed. Claims of soft tissue damage or TBIs are difficult to substantiate without a doctor’s validation.

4. Follow the doctor’s medical advice.

It is hard to receive compensation for medical treatment if you did not seek treatment or follow through with the medical professional’s suggestions.

5. Retain an attorney.

Personal injury attorneys have extensive experience in challenging insurance companies when these businesses stonewall their clients. We recognized tactics commonly used by these companies and will advocate on your behalf.

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